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‘L.A. Larkin’s The Genesis Flaw combines corporate dystopia and the moral fringes of bio-science to create a savvy, entertaining environmental thriller.’ The Age

The Genesis Flaw

The Genesis Flaw

He kicked the leather chair away and instantly the rope snapped tight.

His lungs burned and the veins in his face felt close to bursting. His brown eyes bulged as if in surprise. But he had to die. It was his only option.

Human experiments in Zimbabwe. An Australian farmer’s death. A Sydney CEO’s suicide. These events are linked in the mind of one woman, Serena Swift, a ballsy advertising director with a guilty conscience who takes on the world’s most powerful biotech company – Gene-Asis.

Serena hooks up with a hacker and disguises herself to infiltrate Gene-Asis in an attempt to expose the company’s horrific genetic experiments. She little realises her investigations are being watched.

Suddenly Swift’s informants disappear, she is hunted by a hired killer and framed for murder. Chased from Sydney to New York, she must face the man she fears most, on his own turf.

If she fails, nothing can stop a global catastrophe. And nobody can help her – except a dead man.

The Genesis Flaw is an environmental thriller that is spine-chillingly pertinent for our times and will grip readers from beginning to end.

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The Genesis Flaw is published in Australia and New Zealand by Hachette and in the UK by Constable.
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Praise for L.A. Larkin’s thrillers

‘Action and intrigue in spades.’ Peter James

‘L.A. Larkin is a world-class thriller author.’ James Phelan

‘Ice-pick sharp and packed with spine-chilling suspense’ Kathryn Fox

‘A heart-pumping edge-of-your-seat thriller which will satisfy fans of Matthew Reilly and Michael Crichton.’  West Australian

‘The stakes are high and the thrills are as plentiful as the ice in this well-crafted thriller.’ Herald Sun

‘L.A. Larkin writes thrillers with a refreshing authenticity and attention to detail without sacrificing excitement. Thrillers for those who like substance to their story.’ Marianne Delacourt

‘Larkin’s Thirst is a keep you on the edge of your seat, environmental chiller thriller.’ Vanda Symon

Book Club Questions on The Genesis Flaw

  1. Serena Swift believes a Gene-Asis product caused her father’s lung cancer. When her father dies, she is racked with guilt and feels she has failed him. There are many powerful emotions which can drive people to do exceptional things. How powerful is guilt as a spur to action?
  2. The heroine is vulnerable but has certain skills that help her compete with her powerful adversary and his henchman. What are Serena’s strengths and how does the adversary exploit her weaknesses?
  3. Serena is a whistle-blower. When do you think it is acceptable to break the law? When is it right for whistle-blowers to expose a company’s secrets?
  4. The whole story is presented from the point of view of the central character: Serena Swift. Using this device, the reader learns only what Serena learns. Does this approach bring your closer to Serena? How do you feel about novels that use a single point of view as opposed to multiple viewpoints?
  5. How does the author crank up the suspense during the novel?
  6. The topic of the story is the genetic engineering. What are your thoughts on genetically engineered (GE) foods?
  7. The attempted rape of Serena is a pivotal moment in the story as it finally reveals Bukowski’s true character. How did you respond to Serena’s harrowing ordeal and what does it symbolise?
  8. At the end, Serena has exposed the company’s terrible secret and potentially saved the lives of millions? But does Bukowski get his just deserts?

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