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How to support authors during Covid-19 by Lauren Keegan

May 1, 2020

Lauren Keegan is a blogger who has gone out of her way to support authors like me during the Covid-19 pandemic through her book reviews and interviews. I can’t thank her enough. Here is an interview she did with me for my new thriller, Prey, on her Lauren Keegan blog.

Here is an extract from the Q&A:

Q.  What can readers do to support Australian authors, like you, with books coming out over the next few months?

A.  Please keep sharing author’s posts on social media. Join in their Facebook Live events. Review their books wherever you can – on the book seller’s site, your blog, GoodReads. Keep your book clubs going remotely through something like Zoom which allows you to see each other and discuss the newly released books.

You can also can find her on:



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