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Literati Festival 2011 with PM Newton and Angela Savage

May 15, 2011

Can I first of all thank the wonderful people who worked so hard to make the Literati Festival such a success, especially the team at the Robina library. A big hug to Louise who kindly picked me up from the airport, even when my flight was delayed by two hours. I was speaking on the topic of ‘Deadlier than the Male’ with two of the most wonderful female crime fiction authors, Angela Savage and PM Newton (see photo). What a team! I so enjoyed working with you and thank you to our audience for such a positive response. PM Newton and I then moved on to ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ – how do our life experiences feed into our fiction, and how important is it to visit the places of our stories so we can build the bricks of detail and ensure credible, exciting stories.

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