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GMO Research Links

March 7, 2011

David Suzuki on applying precautionary principle to GMO crops:

Jeffery M Smith on the dangers of GE:

Extract from The Biotech Century:

Australia’s Gene Ethics organisation:

Australia’s Network of Concerner Farmers:

University of Kansas – Crop yields from GM soy 10% less than conventional equivalent:

Greenpeace Australia’s genetic engineering campaign:

Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Joe Cummins, Cauliflower mosaic viral promoter – a recipe for disaster?:

Jonathan Latham and Ricarda Steinbrecher on horizontal gene transfer of viral inserts from GM plants to viruses:

Can transgenic DNA in a genetically modified (GM) crop be transferred to the people or animals that eat the crop?

Rosemary Stanton- a nutritionist’s view of GMO’s: See section on Agribusiness:

Canadian farmer’s canola contaminated by neighbouring GM canola – the legal battle of Percy Schmeiser:

WA farmer Steve Marsh loses his organic accreditation through contamination with GMO’s:

The Guardian on dismissal of geneticist Dr Arpad Pusztai:



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