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The elephant in the room

October 14, 2012

A good friend and fellow author Tony Wilson has self-published a wonderful children’s book called The Elephant in the Room. It is beautifully illustrated by Greg Ure. It sparkles with Tony’s usual sense of fun and the charming way he views the world.

There’s an iPad version ($6.95) and a Windows version ($6.95) and they can be purchased through Tony’s website.

This is what Tony has to say about how he came up with the idea for the story:

“The idea was simply to bring the adult expression to life in a literal sense. There is an elephant. There are rooms. Everyone ignores the elephant in the room. Everyone also ignores the elephant in the bath, the pool, the tree, the bed, the grass. The elephant gets sick of being ignored, makes her way to the sink, fill her trunk with water  … do you really want to know how it ends? Do you? I won’t tell, suffice to say the whole family survives and so does the elephant. Indeed The Elephant in the Room 2: The Attention Horde is already at second draft stage, slated for release in 2018. Andy Griffiths said: ‘Very cool and very funny. I can give you no higher compliment than to say that I wish I’d written it!’ ”

Here’s the blog about how it was written, and how rhinoceroses got involved.

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