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‘Ice-pick-sharp, packed with intrigue, action and spine-chilling suspense. Devour will keep you gripped from the very first page’ Kathryn Fox

Larkin's Latest

Welcome to my blog, Larkin’s Latest. News on thriller authors and great books to read, the writing process and festivals, incredible people I interview and exciting story locations, courses I run, and things that make me laugh!

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Robyn Williams, broadcaster, on Prey: ‘Superb!’

May 6, 2020

I’m feeling a touch proud today. Broadcaster Robyn Williams has given my new thriller Prey a rave review on ABC Radio National’s BOOKSHELF program.

‘SUPERB. Such command of pace, character and language. I couldn’t stop reading and thinking,’ says Robyn Williams in a congratulatory email. Thank you, Robyn! You have made my day.

Here is the 2 minute extract from BOOKSHELF:


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How to support authors during Covid-19 by Lauren Keegan

May 1, 2020

Lauren Keegan is a blogger who has gone out of her way to support authors like me during the Covid-19 pandemic through her book reviews and interviews. I can’t thank her enough. Here is an interview she did with me for my new thriller, Prey, on her Lauren Keegan blog.

Here is an extract from the Q&A:

Q.  What can readers do to support Australian authors, like you, with books coming out over the next few months?

A.  Please keep sharing author’s posts on social media. Join in their Facebook Live events. Review their books wherever you can – on the book seller’s site, your blog, GoodReads. Keep your book clubs going remotely through something like Zoom which allows you to see each other and discuss the newly released books.

You can also can find her on:



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Book’d Out blogger review of Prey – ‘breathtaking moments of tension’

During the Covid-19 pandemic authors like me have had all our events cancelled. Instead we’ve been hoping for support from the reading and writing community to help spread the word about our new books. And the support has been amazing. So I’d like to thank the bloggers who reviewed Prey, my latest thriller, and I’d like to begin by sharing this great review from Book’d Out which you can read here.

‘An action packed story with a plot of intrigue and a dynamic lead character, Prey is a gripping and exciting read.’

You can follow the Book’d Out blog via:




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Natalie Conyer and I talk to Malla Nunn on why our crime novels are set in South Africa

April 27, 2020

I was proud to launch the New South Wales chapter of Sisters in Crime with this online event: Deadly, Dangerous, Dazzling – the allure of South African crime fiction. Convener Catherine du Peloux Menagé welcomed viewers and introduced the panel: me, Natalie Conyer and Malla Nunn. In it we discuss our story locations, characters and inspiration.

In my latest thriller, Prey, journalist Olivia Wolfe must unravel the terrible secret that connects a British Cabinet minister, a Vietnamese billionaire, and a poor South African teacher to a series of gruesome murders. Wolfe is in a country she doesn’t know and surrounded by enemies. Who can she trust when her life depends on it?

Natalie Conyer’s debut crime novel, Present Tense, is set in Cape Town. It’s a hard-boiled police procedural about an ordinary cop trying to find his way in a thrilling and dangerous country.

Malla Nunn is the author of four internationally published adult crime novels set in 1950s Apartheid South Africa. Her debut YA novel, When the Ground is Hard, is set in a Swaziland boarding school where two girls of different castes bond over a shared copy of Jane Eyre.

Copies of our novels have been stocked by Gleebooks in Glebe, NSW. This wonderful bookstore was going to host this event until Covid-19 hit. They are offering pick up and free delivery to the Inner West of Sydney.

If you would like to join the NSW chapter of Sisters In Crime Australia, please contact:

Catherine du Peloux Menagé
0412 517 885

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