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Attending Davitt Awards – nominated for Best Crime Fiction 2011 – Yikes!

October 6, 2011

I’m off to the SheKilda crime writers’ convention this weekend, so if you live in Melbourne or fancy getting on a plane for a fun weekend of crime, then come along! You can purchase your tickets here:

What’s more, the Davitt Awards are on Saturday night (8th Oct) and I have been lucky enough to be nominated for Best Crime Fiction 2011. I don’t expect to win because when it comes my luck winning prizes I can count them on two fingers: a box of biscuits at a village raffle in England when I was a child (they were chocolate, so worth the ticket) and my Merit Scholarship from the University of Sydney. Oh yes, I remember now, I did in fact win a beauty pageant when I was eighteen. All very embarrassing and I think I will forget all about that. Believe it or not, I did it for the money, to help buy some university books. Anyway, wish me luck on Saturday night. More than the awards themselves I am looking forward to spending time with my fellow female crime fiction authors like Kerry Greenwood, Tara Moss, Angela Savage, Marianne Delacourt, Leigh Redhead, Katherine Howell and so many more.

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